African Sunrise
African Sunrise - $10

A CD that is 40 years in the making. My brother, Ron, and I went into the studio with the intentions of making an album (when LP's were still being made). When we got ready to mix the album there was a problem with the sound. We couldn't figure out what the problem was until we realised that the engineer had not turned on the microphones on the left side of the drums. We took the tapes home with the idea that it was a wasted date.
Fast forward todays technology and we were able to hear the results for the first time. I had talked to a friend of mine who suggested I take it to get the tapes digitised. They would have to "BAKE" them, which sounded like you get one time and it's done. Cautiously, I took to the place he suggested and they called me a couple of weeks later and I was able to hear what had happened that day.
This the result of 40 years of waiting and thinking that I would never hear the music that had been recorded that day 40 years ago.
A great deal of thanks goes to the gentlement who lent their expertise to this project:
Donald Smith - Piano/Organ/Voice
Lonnie Liston Smith - Various Keyboards
Like Brothers
Buster Williams - Acoustic/Electric Bass
Billy Hart - Drums
Ron Bridgewater - Soprano/Tenor Sax/Voice
Cecil Bridgewater - Trumpet/Flugel Horn/Voice

Mean What You Say
Mean What You Say - $10

This CD was conceived as a tribute to Thad Jones and his 'Mean What You Say' composition. You gotta 'Mean What You Say' and 'Say What You Mean( in everyday life or your word dosen't stand for much. The beauty of this is what we tried to do. The composition is some what disquised in that it doesn't start with the theme and then proceeds to the blowing section, but rather it starts with assembling the band (the bass player first then the trumpet, etc.) and the theme comes in the middle ot the piece and is never heard again. The other compositions are an array of tunes that were pulled from a host of experiences, one pinned by Ron Bridgewater; one by Vanessa Rubin, one that she penned the lyrics to; one by Aziza Miller; and several by Cecil Bridgewater.

A CD recorded in the 90's with a wonderful cast of characters:
Cecil Bridgewater - Trumpet/Flugle horn
Ron Bridgewater - Tenor Sax
Mulgrew Miller - Piano
Kenny Davis - Bass
Billy Hart - Drums
Vanessa Rubin - Vocals