Cecil Bridgewater - Trumpeter, Educator, Composer, Arranger, Producer

Billy Harper and Cecil Bridgewater
Billy Harper and Cecil Bridgewater

Bird Says by Cecil Bridgewater
Alto Sax I, (opt. Trumpet,) Alto Sax II, Tenor Sax I, Tenor Sax II (opt. Trombone,) Baritone Sax, Piano, Bass and Drums. Grade: 5-6 Price: $33.00
Medium to Fast Paced composition based on the chords of Charlie Parker's "Confirmation." After the statement of the theme, there are 7 choruses of solo space for Alto I or Trumpet with background figures followed by a chorus of piano solo and 4 choruses of Sax soli before returning to the theme and ending! The solo space can be extended for other soloists if wanted!

More to follow!